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If you look for an effective slimming solution online, chances are that you will bump into the infamous weight loss pills, Clenbuterol.

This seemingly ‘size zero pill’ is a drug that is often credited for being an efficient dietary support and for making the weight loss journey more result based. But considering the fact that it was not meant for fitness freaks, we often used to wonder what exactly its purpose of launch was!

Now to find that out, we had to invest few hours to help our readers learn all the real ‘facts and figures’ about Clen, its efficiency rate and some useful information with respect to the purchase of Clen.

So- let’s begin!


Clenbuterol Hydrochloride is a man-made drug that was put in the medical market some decades ago. The manufacturers of Clen bore a purpose, an intention that was completely different from what the drug it is favored for today.

This objective was to assist horses that had breathing disorders. Having the potency to work as a bronchodilator, Clen was discovered to be a highly efficient drug for equine asthma.

Unquestionably, it did serve its purpose for years, but in spite of that, the drug is notably known for its ‘fat burning’ properties today.


The category in which the drug falls in is Beta-2-agonist that may justify its role as a bronchodilator to all those who know what a Beta-2-agonist is all about. Basically, a medicine with the said quality has the potential to widen up the bronchial muscles that are generally referred as the airways, through with the oxygen makes its way to the lungs. In a situation like this wherein the airways are expanded, one is able to breathe with ease. The drug, or say, Beta-2-agonists in particular, are considered as a viable treatment choice for the sufferers of asthma and many other respiratory concerns.

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Frankly speaking, the substance’s therapeutic effects literally overshadowed when it was discovered to possess performance boosting effects.

People started using it to reach their fitness and bodybuilding goals for Clen was providing them that ‘extra bit of help’ sought for efficient shaping.

Basically, the categorical performance boosting effects of Clen are:

  • Fat loss: Clen can control your fat levels through two simple mechanisms. Number 1, by intensifying body temperature which is biologically known as the process of thermogenesis and number 2, by adding to the pace of basal metabolic rate. Either way, you are sure to lose fat.

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The process of thermogenesis: Thermogenesis is all about losing calories when the body temperature is increased.

Basal metabolic rate: We need energy to live, breathe and perform our everyday tasks. The process of metabolism is marked by the practice that switches unnecessary fat into energy.

As said, Clen can boost both the processes- hence providing you those very favorable fat cutting effects in time.

  • Muscle sparing: This benefit sounds no less like a blessing for those who succeed in gaining some mass over time. Muscle wasting is common and at times, unpreventable. However, Clen can rightly address the dilemma by defending and shielding muscles, while the process of fat burning is on. Apart from this, it is normally purported that the drug aids in growing muscles, while this sounds somewhat believable, there are no concrete evidences that can substantiate these assumptions till now.
  • Strength gains: Clen does contribute to the muscle strength through its fat conversion power. Even though, the power of Clen may not be as significant as many other anabolic steroids in this context, yet, it has been found to support the gym rats that yearn it crazily.


It is quite surprising that a non-steroidal drug like this is strictly prohibited by Food and Drug Administration in US. No matter why you need it, either for its medicinal uses or for your weight loss objectives, you just can’t avail it, anyhow.

FDA restricts the use of Clen for several reasons (as per my further investigations). These reasons somewhat made sense to me as the consequences of using Clen sounded no different than the outcomes of using anabolic steroids in general.

Clen is a stimulant and similarly to all the other stimulants, it can turn addicting. On top of that, it does have the potential to cause side effects, some of which are really extreme to bear.

But unlike the laws in US, there are some countries wherein the laws of using Clen are somewhat flexible. These countries also manufacturers and trade in the drug without much of the legal involvements.


Research validates theories and speculations we randomly make about things by and large. But if we talk about the investigation done on Clen by far, we will feel discouraged to know that it lacks quality studies that can rightly substantiate the drug as a performance booster for humans.

Basically, the compound had been tested on animals and the results came quite positive. As per them, it incited the production and healing of muscle in rats, whereas it negated the possibility of developing atrophy in them.

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Few other studies conducted on domestic animals and horses revealed that the drug could contribute to muscle growth and play a part in fat metabolism.

Now since these findings depicted the potential of muscle growth in animals, the same level of positivity cannot be expected in humans at this point of time.


In spite of the fact that Clen is not heavily supported by research, yet, it has a reputation of being a good weight loss agent in the dietary market.

So if you wish to purchase Clenbuterol, keep the two key advices in mind:

  • Always go for the tablet form because it is less counterfeited than its liquid form.
  • Thoroughly ensure the accuracy of dosages.
  • The drug is easy attainable through an online source, and not through a direct channel. This is because it is controversial and hence any involvement with respect to the trade of Clen can lead the buyer to legal troubles.
  • If you get to see the brand manufactured or directly supplied from US, chances are that the drug is imitated and genuine.
  • Avoid purchasing it from the research lab. Their dosages often vary from what they claim. Some labs demand a prescription while others can simply put you in a fix for not purchasing it for research purpose.


As said, Clenbuterol store  is attainable through online sources, however, let’s not forget that there are hundreds of risks involved in online purchasing too.

But if you are wise and knowledgeable enough, you can save yourself from bumping into something unexpected.

For that, always choose a source that is trustable and in the business for years. The best is to try a supplier that also deals in anabolic steroids- for it may possess the actual formula obtained through authentic sources.

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